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Professional Bed Bug Treatment in Oroville, CA

Aside from being unpleasant in appearance, a bed bug infestation can result in various physical and mental health issues. Though they aren’t known to transmit diseases to humans, bed bug bites may cause levels of allergic reactions or skin infections, while their presence can lead to anxiety and insomnia.

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Professional bed bug treatment in Oroville, CA, can quickly eliminate your stress and the risk of adverse health effects. Pest control services from Western Termite Solutions Inc are second to none. Our experts go above and beyond to deliver quality, responsive, and friendly services.

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Our Bed Bug Control Services

Bed Bug Inspection: We offer free visual inspections to see whether your home requires bed bug treatment.

Bed Bug Treatment: We use chemical bed bug treatments to avoid causing heat damage to your home and furniture.

Bed Bugs in Oroville, CA

After experiencing a dramatic decline in bed bug populations during the mid-twentieth century, the United States is seeing a solid and unfortunate resurgence in what has become a common pest. Because of bed bugs’ growing resistance to some pesticides, bed bug control and treatment is as vital as ever.

The arrival of bed bugs in Oroville, CA, homes, just like their arrival anywhere else, is mainly due to human travel. Bed bugs can hide in luggage, clothes, or the cracks in furniture. Anytime you travel internationally or domestically, or anytime you have a visitor, there’s a chance that bed bugs can find their way into your home.

That said, bed bugs leave behind signs that can help you detect them.


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Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

If you notice any of the following signs, be sure to call Western Termite Solutions Inc immediately:

Blood stains on your bed sheets or pillowcases

Dark, reddish, rusty-looking spots on your bed, clothes, or walls

Small droppings, egg shells, or shed skins in or around your bed or furniture

A harsh, unpleasant, and musty smell

Itchy skin upon waking up

Small bites on your exposed skin

Any of these pest issues may indicate a bed bug infestation. Because bed bugs can reproduce and multiply quickly, it’s crucial to eliminate them as soon as possible. Call (530) 534-1688 for bed bug control services.

Bed Bug Control in Oroville, CA

There are three elements to bed bug control in Oroville, CA: prevention, inspection, and treatment.


Preventing bed bug infestations includes keeping your home as clean as possible and checking your furniture for any small cracks where bed bugs could hide. Consistent vacuuming, changing bedsheets, and filling any furniture cracks will aid in keeping bed bugs and any other type of pests out. While prevention can help, it’s far from a surefire control solution.


Once you suspect your home has a bed bug infestation, a professional inspection is the next step. Western Termite Solutions Inc offers free visual bed bug inspections. We’ll check your house and provide an accurate quote for treatment.


Our technicians will typically employ three kinds of chemical treatments to eliminate your bed bug problem: a contact insecticide to quickly eradicate easy to reach bed bugs, a residual (long-lasting) chemical to kill bed bugs on an ongoing basis, and a dust to provide longer-lasting protection in cracks and crevices.

The effectiveness of chemical treatment depends on getting access to the bed bugs and their eggs. The treatments usually require multiple visits, to be sure all of the bed bugs are exterminated.

Chemical treatment can be highly effective: Especially if you catch the infestation in its early stages, chemicals can eradicate bed bugs quickly and reliably. Moreover, the combination of quick-acting pesticides with dusts and residual chemicals means you can effectively hit bed bugs over time, and throughout every stage of their life-cycle.

It can help prevent future infestations: Residual chemicals act as a barrier against future bed bug infestations and offers the advantage of long-term protection.

For residential, commercial, and apartment bed bug control in Oroville, CA, turn to Western Termite Solutions Inc Trust our experts to be responsive, professional, and friendly while they deliver quality services.

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