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Don’t let invaders take over your home. When you need a pest control company, Western Termite Solutions Inc offers guaranteed pest extermination that you can trust. Businesses and homes throughout Oroville, CA, rely on us for prompt, professional pest control services.

Our inspectors and technicians have years of pest control experience, in-depth knowledge of exterminating and removing pests, and provide professional pest control solutions for thousands of your local neighbors. As your licensed and insured professional pest control company in Oroville, CA, you can rely on us to quickly and efficiently solve your pest problems.

Unwanted pests in your home and yard can be annoying and contribute to an unhealthy living environment. Homeowners throughout Oroville and the surrounding communities have chosen Western Termite Solutions Inc to protect their homes from pests.

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Visual Inspections

When you call us for pest control in Oroville, CA or the surrounding areas, we start by performing a visual inspection. Our inspector will check out the interior and exterior of your building, looking for visible damage or signs of an infestation. Besides coming into your home, they’ll need access to your attic, basement, or crawl space to check for signs of pests.

Other interior areas checked during a visual inspection include:




Door Frames

Cabinet Interiors

Closet Interiors



Utility Rooms


Exterior areas checked during a visual inspection include:





Sometimes our inspectors may roam around your yard, inspecting the trees, plants, and soil near your structure. Examining your yard helps us determine how pests first invaded your home so that we can create a plan to prevent future infestations.


After performing our inspection, we’ll explain what we found and recommend what steps to take next. Whether your home has termites, rodents, or bed bugs in Oroville, CA, we believe that a clear view of the situation best serves you in deciding how to move forward. Our inspector will fully educate you on your situation, including:

Showing you our findings, sometimes with photo or video evidence

Discussing potential entry areas or origins of your infestation

Helping you to determine which treatment program is right for you

Going over repair recommendations in the case of wood-destroying organisms

Discussing pest prevention recommendations to avoid any future infestations


Many pest problems clear up with consistent treatment programs. Our technicians will discuss treatment times, costs, and expectations before scheduling your pest control treatment.

Once we’ve treated your pest control issue and have you on a treatment program, you can rely our Pest Free Guarantee. If the pests come back, we’ll come back between scheduled treatments. We’ll educate you on what signs to watch out for and counsel you on preventive steps against future infestations. Should you experience continued or new pest problems after our visit, we promise to honor our guarantees and warranties so you can enjoy a safe, comfortable home.

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Professional Pest Control in Oroville, CA

When you need pest control in Oroville, CA or any of the surrounding areas, trust the experienced exterminators to keep your building safe and sound from common California pests.

Western Termite Solutions Inc solves various pest control problems in homes and businesses across Oroville, CA. Our treatment programs include regular visits and single-treatment pest elimination programs. If you need residential or commercial pest control in Oroville, CA, rely on our professional exterminators for prompt, expert service. Call (530) 534-1688 to eliminate and prevent pests from invading your home.

How Our Service Works

When you need an exterminator in Oroville, CA, Western Termite Solutions Inc provides experienced technicians to lead you through pest extermination. Learn how our pest control company guides you through a home or business pest extermination and the common pests we treat.

Specialized Pest Control in Oroville, CA

Because of the large variety of California pests, a one-size-fits-all plan doesn’t always solve the problem. Chemical treatments may differ depending on the pest, while more extreme treatment methods cure more challenging problems like bed bugs in Oroville, CA. Learn about how we recognize specific pest infestations and how we treat them below.


From your property’s trees to walls, termites destroy the wood they live in until it weakens, buckles, breaks, or disintegrates. If you find signs of termites in your home or business building, you immediately need pest control in Oroville, CA. Protect yourself from pricey and extensive repairs by contacting Western Termite Solutions Inc. For more information about our termite inspections, treatments, and repairs, click here.

Bed Bugs

While classically thought of as mattress invaders, bed bugs can infest everything from soft cloth furniture to wood pieces like headboards and dressers. Bed bugs in Oroville, CA, require continued treatment due to their life cycle and behavior. While notoriously difficult to treat, Western Termite Solutions Inc is completely dedicated to doing whatever it takes to eradicate a bed bug infestation.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

  • Bites
    Bed bug bites often resemble mosquito bites, producing red, itchy bumps on your skin. While mosquito bites show up in random positions, bed bugs often leave bites in a line.
  • Sheet Stains
    You may have bed bugs if you find tiny blood stains (from your bites) or rust-colored spots on your sheets.
  • Seeing a Bed Bug
    Seeing a bed bug or bed bug casing should alert you to the need for bed bug pest control. Bed bugs know how to keep themselves hidden, so if you see one, it is very likely that many more are infesting your home.


Like bed bugs, a single cockroach sighting points to a much larger infestation in places like your walls, ceilings, or pantry. Cockroaches transmit diseases, contaminate food products, and can survive many household bug sprays. The technicians at Western Termite Solutions Inc know how to exterminate cockroaches professionally and keep them from returning.


While ants may not hurt you, once they establish a trail, you’ll soon have a constant stream of ants inside and outside of your home. Most customers first notice ants in their kitchens or around water sources like sinks, tubs, or drains. Because ant species vary, we offer a variety of treatments help deal with the problem.


Spiders often get a bad rap. It is actually pretty rare to get a spider bite and spiders provide a natural form of pest control. While most spiders don’t pose a threat to humans, species like black widows and brown recluse spiders can pose a real danger. Eliminating spiders and their webs inside your home helps to keep your family safe.

Fleas and Ticks

These bloodsucking insects can cause uncomfortable skin conditions, allergic reactions, or transmit dangerous diseases. Animals and humans attract fleas and ticks, carrying them and allowing them to travel into new areas to infest. Fleas and ticks often respond to similar extermination treatments, though you should schedule continuous prevention methods to keep them at bay.


Even if you don’t have a wasp allergy, these stinging insects present a danger to your health. Wasps and yellow jackets prefer to stay close to their nests, so when you see one, a swarm may reside nearby. Only professional exterminators know how to safely handle wasp removal, especially if dealing with a large nest.

Rodents and Other Pests

Treatment options for mice, rats, or other pests include trapping, baiting, rodent proofing, and rodent removal. We don’t just exterminate rodents, we remove the problem establish preventive measures to stop future infestations before they begin.

Pest Control in Oroville, CA

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