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Professional pest control in Yuba City, CA, is the best way to keep the city safe and hygienic for residents and visitors. Tourists love looking for a place to eat on Pluma Street, heading out to Feather River Parkway, and the convenience of having the Sutter County Airport nearby. Unfortunately, it’s not just visitors who love touring the city. Many types of pests also love the sights, sounds, and food.

However, business owners and residents need not worry because Western Termite Solutions Inc has got your back! We eradicate termites, rodents, bed bugs, and other common pests in Yuba City.

Western Termite Solutions Inc focuses on control through prevention. Instead of merely dealing with the current infestation, we develop a strategy to prevent reinfestation after we leave. That’s why we’re the Yuba City area’s premier providers of residential and commercial pest control services.

Prevention Is the Best Defense

Homes and businesses are attractive targets for pests. They will move in if they can find food, water, and shelter. If you notice the signs of an infestation starting, deal with the pests immediately or risk an uncontrollable, ongoing invasion.

Sooner or later, some bug, rodent, or other pests will attempt to make your property their home. Dealing with the issue as early as possible is the key to preventing the infestation from getting out of hand.

Many people try to control pests on their own, only to end up spending thousands of dollars to no avail. Instead, call Western Termite Solutions Inc to get the right advice and a lasting solution.

Our team identifies the nest and eradicates the pests. We also identify potential entry points and advise you on how to seal them to guard against future ingress. If necessary, we will recommend a maintenance plan as well.

Our services make up a potent blend that ensures lasting pest control in Yuba City, CA.


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Residential Pest Control

Termite Control

Commercial Pest Control

Bed Bug Control

Recognizing the Signs of a Pest Problem

It’s easy to miss the initial stages of a pest infestation. Pests like to keep out of the way. With some pests, like termites, you won’t even know they’re there until they do significant damage.

Rats and mice are equally tricky. They can squeeze through tiny spaces, enter through plumbing or vents, and are adept at hiding. Other bugs are unlikely to make their presence known until there are many of them around.

For this reason, we recommend an affordable annual pest inspection. This proactive measure helps you eliminate pests during the early stages before they get a chance to damage your property.

If you notice signs of an infestation, call us immediately. You might only spot the odd roach or mouse dropping, which likely indicates a more significant issue. For every pest that you see, there are many that you do not.

What makes us unique is that we also provide complete exclusion and repair services. We conduct visual inspections for all pests, offering either heat or chemical treatments as appropriate. Our team can then advise you on a remediation strategy and implement repairs.

Termite Control in Yuba City, CA

Our skilled team specializes in termite control in Yuba City, CA. We offer wood destroying organism (W.D.O.) reports, treatments, and repair services.

We use the top brands Termidor and Timbor to eliminate termite infestations, allowing us to guarantee our work for five years. If the pests come back within that time, so do we.

Residential Pest Control Services

Where are pests entering your home? How can you make your house a more hostile environment for them? How can you prevent reentry of pests in the future?
Our team will answer these questions and others when discussing your custom strategy to remove pests and keep them out for good. You can rely on us as your exterminator in Yuba City, CA.

Commercial Pest Control

Rodent control and bed bug treatments are crucial to protect your business’s reputation in the hospitality industry. However, several other companies also require pest control in Yuba City, CA.

Our team helps you reduce stock loss through rodent damage and destroy germ-ridden insects effectively. Speak to us about your strategy to manage pests and prevent them from returning.

Contact us about controlling pests in your building and the dumpster area behind your business.

Humidity and Moisture Control

California boasts sunny weather and mild temperatures. The downside is the humidity that may accompany these conditions. Many pests take advantage of the additional moisture. As a general contractor, Western Termite Solutions Inc can install vapor barriers and improve ventilation to combat humidity.

WDO Termite Reports

When you invest in a property, you undertake various maintenance tasks to keep it in the best possible shape. You might view W.D.O. reports as proactive maintenance.

Our affordable service gives you peace of mind about the state of your property. Should we detect any issues, we deal with them effectively. Our goal is to limit the damage the termites and other wood destroying organisms can do.

Our reports also reassure buyers that your building is in good condition. As a result, we help you maintain your property’s value.

Start Fighting Pests Today!

Western Termite Solutions Inc rids your property of unwanted pests and enables you to keep more out. If you’re looking for complete peace of mind, contact our team at (530) 534-1688 to discuss pest control in Yuba City, CA.