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Why is commercial pest control in Oroville, CA, an essential part of your business’s success? The simple answer is that it is important for the safety of your employees and customers. The longer answer is that pest issues pose a reputational risk and damage your business’s profitability.

Rodents cause severe damage to stock of all kinds every year. Other types of pests, like cockroaches and bed bugs, are just as damaging, especially if your customers see them.

Western Termite Solutions Inc helps you control a pest infestation and prevent it from recurring. Our tried and tested methods are quick, effective, and produce long-lasting results.

We’re Your Top Commercial Exterminator in Oroville, CA

Making this claim may seem bold, but our commercial customers stay with us year after year. Our commercial pest management services produce excellent results consistently. We understand your need as a business owner to get pests under control with minimal inconvenience.

We leverage our professional pest control experience by:

Offering quality service at reasonable rates

Being licensed and insured

Providing friendly customer service

Always being reliable and punctual

Providing fully warrantied service

We provide you with detailed reports of potential trouble spots. Our team then works with you to develop a convenient schedule for commercial pest control in Oroville, CA.

Our technicians deal with the following pests:


Bed Bugs







We also offer rodent exclusion as a supplementary service. As a general contractor, we can repair and seal off entry points that rats and mice might exploit in the future. We then use to deal with the current infestation. Our affordable management plan includes regular placement and monitoring of traps and bait stations.


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Commercial Pest Control

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How We Get The Job Done

Our experienced inspector will complete a thorough walkthrough and inspection on their first visit. He’ll visually look for signs of any infestation and search for any droppings, webs, nests, or urine trails.

Our inspectors know where pests like to hide, so they seek them out in places you wouldn’t think to look. They also identify high-risk areas like potential food and moisture sources and possible points of entry. With this information in hand, they develop your plan for commercial pest control in Oroville, CA.

If you have termite damage or dry rot, Western Termite Solutions Inc also acts as a general contractor, unlike many other pest control companies. Should our inspector notice damage due to pests, they can suggest and implement measures to repair the damage with professional results.

Our Service Area

We service Oroville and the surrounding areas, including:


Yuba City


Do you fall just outside of these areas? Give us a call at (530) 534-1688 to see if we can assist you.

We work with a wide range of commercial and industrial clients, including:



Child Care Centers

Grocery Stores


Nursing homes and assisted living facilities

HOAs/COAs and property management companies

Apartment buildings and condominiums

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities

Hotels, Motels, Resorts


Entertainment Venues

We offer one-off pest eradication and ongoing pest management plans at affordable rates. You can rest assured that our team has your pest-control problem in hand.

western termite pest control experts

Why Choose Us

Are you looking for a firm that offers fair and transparent pricing? Our inspectors commit to doing what is in the client’s best interest. We provide accurate upfront quotes and actionable treatment plans that work.

Each team member has extensive industry experience, enabling them to identify the best way forward. We work hard to provide convenient, well-timed treatments and always stick to our schedules.

In addition to pest management solutions, we offer general contracting services. This unique blend means that we know our way around buildings and provide you with a one-stop solution to damage by pests. We’ll rid you of them and then swiftly repair any damage they make.

Finally, we stand behind our work because we deeply trust our processes. We offer a five-year guarantee on all termite treatments and a 36-hour wood-destroying organism report.

We back up all our work, including our repairs. Should anything go wrong due to negligence on our part, we’ll fix the issue.

Contact Western Termite Solutions Inc today to discuss commercial pest control in Oroville, CA.

You can call us at (530) 534-1688.

Let’s work together to make your business premises safe and sanitary for your employees and customers.