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There are several benefits to pest control in Marysville, CA. The first is to provide residents with safe and hygienic spaces. Keeping rodents and disease-bearing insects under control is essential to this task.

Visitors strolling along 5th Street looking for somewhere to eat also appreciate not seeing any types of pests along the way. While they understand seeing the odd raccoon at Ellis Park, few want a close encounter with “wildlife” such as rats and roaches.

Unfortunately, the common pest doesn’t care about what visitors want. They focus on finding a safe place to hide and a food and moisture source. Therefore, homes and businesses are their prime targets.

Western Termite Solutions Inc can help you win the battle against pests. We offer an effective pest control service to:

Root out pests

Make your property less pest-friendly

Seal off access points


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Prevention Is the Best Cure

The more sanitary the home or business, the less likely it is to have pest issues. That’s not to say that properties have to be dirty to attract these insects and animals. However, clutter and general disorder make it easier for them to hide.

To reduce the chances of a pest infestation, you should close off entry points and cut off access to food and moisture. Fixing leaking plumbing and regularly cleaning away food residue is crucial. So is dealing with a potential infestation as soon as possible.

While there are several DIY products on the market, they are seldom sufficient because they only deal with the bugs and animals you see. For every pest that you see, there are several that lurk in the shadows. You cannot control their numbers unless you root them out at their nests.

Also, with pests like termites, you are unlikely to see signs of damage until the damage advances pretty far.

Don’t waste time and money on ineffective measures. Call Western Termite Solutions Inc immediately for cost-effective and lasting pest control in Marysville, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Do You Have a Pest Problem?

If you notice a pest of any type, the answer is “yes.” While you might not yet have a full-blown infestation, you can rest assured that the critter you saw has a family.

You might see signs like mice droppings or the discarded exoskeletons of insects. You might also not notice anything. The only way to be sure is to hire professionals for an inspection.

We offer affordable inspections and recommend them as part of your annual maintenance routine. Consider this proactive step as a small investment in protecting your property’s value. It will allow you to catch the signs of infestation early before structural damage develops.

Call call (530) 534-1688 for professional residential and commercial pest control in Chico, CA.

We deal with several types of home invaders, including:



Bed Bugs






Unlike other contractors, we also offer exclusion and repair services. Our team conducts a thorough visual examination to establish the best treatment strategy. We go the extra mile with our general contractor’s license, which allows us to repair damages from the infestation.

Termite Control in Marysville, CA

One of our top services is termite control in Marysville, CA. We provide a full range of termite-beating solutions, including:

Wood bearing organism reports

Chemical treatments


We combine our expertise with top brands such as Timbor and Termidor to kill off termites in their nests. We’re so confident in our technique that we offer you a five-year warranty. In the unlikely event that the bugs return within that period, we’ll perform another termite treatment.

Residential Pest Control Services

Our effective, long-lasting treatment and exclusion strategies keep your home free of pests. We evaluate your house thoroughly to ensure we develop the best possible plan.

Our team approaches the issue with a long-term goal in mind. Getting rid of the pests is a short-term solution. Keeping them out requires a little extra thought.

With extensive industry experience and a general contracting license, we are adept at creating winning exclusion plans and building the barriers they contain.

Commercial Pest Control

In today’s social media-rich environment, businesses cannot afford for guests to see evidence of infestations. Guests don’t wish to see mice scuttling about the place. Furthermore, businesses cannot afford to keep replacing stock that rats damage.

Calling in an exterminator in Marysville, CA, is the first step in creating an effective preventative strategy.

Commercial Sanitization Service

Getting rid of the bugs is a good start. Keeping them away entails a little more work. That’s why sanitization is usually part of pest control in Marysville, CA.

Extensive cleaning after the treatment kills germs and destroys the scent trails that insects leave behind so they can find food.

Humidity and Moisture Control

California’s climate is wonderful for beach visits, but its occasionally high humidity levels can contribute to pest populations. Condensation is often a rich source of water for them. Western Termite Solutions Inc has the answer with humidity control measures inside the building.

W.D.O. Reports

Property investment requires a fair amount of upkeep. However, termite damage can quickly undo any maintenance work you undertake. Wood-destroying organism reports help you stay ahead of these destructive creatures.

Our expert inspector thoroughly checks your home for signs of wood-boring insects. This annual inspection can identify signs of infestation before the termites can cause significant structural damage, saving you substantial money on repairs.

Having a clear report is also an asset when selling the property. There’s nothing like the words “termite damage” to scare off a buyer. So, it’s better to find out first and deal with it.

Start Fighting Pests Today!

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