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From the world’s largest yo-yo to the beautiful landscapes contributing to its nickname of “The City of Trees,” Chico provides citizens with an idyllic home in sunny California. In a town with picturesque scenery and amenities appealing to everyone, Chico home and business owners shouldn’t have to worry about pest infestations. Western Termite Solutions Inc offers professional pest control in Chico, CA, including pest extermination and prevention services.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pest Control Company: Locals Helping Locals

Chico, CA, has a distinct climate presenting the perfect conditions for particular pests. As your locally owned and operated exterminator in Chico, CA, our technicians know which pests to look for and how to handle them. Since we live in Chico and surrounding communities, we have a unique perspective you can’t find with national pest control corporations.

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Pest Control for Chico, CA, Home and Business Owners

Effective pest control doesn’t just exterminate current pests but pays special attention to preventing future infestations. The exterminators at Western Termite Solutions Inc address your pest concerns, locate the sources of your pest issues, and help you determine the right treatment plan to prevent pests from returning. We offer a variety of pest control services for your home, apartment building, or business.

Why Do Pests Invade Chico, CA, Homes and Businesses?

Chico’s mild summer and winter weather create the perfect conditions for year-round pest problems. With much of the city devoted to trees and landscapes, pests have natural homes close to human-made structures. Such easy accessibility makes it easy for pests to infest homes and businesses in their search for food, water, and safer nests.

Other Typical Home or Business Pests in Chico, CA





Bed Bugs




Protecting Your Home

Every Chico, CA, home provides a unique opportunity for invading pests. Homeowners keep various foods in their kitchens, have constant water sources in their bathrooms, and use climate control that appeals to pests seeking shelter. Many homeowners don’t realize they have a pest problem until it turns into a full-on infestation.

Western Termite Solutions Inc provides everything from rodent removal to termite control in Chico, CA. When you discover pest issues in your home, act quickly to prevent permanent damage and destruction to your home. Our exterminators respond quickly to help you take your home back from pests and happily educate homeowners on how to avoid future pest problems.

Protecting Your Apartment Building

Multi-residential buildings offer pests the same benefits as a single-family home, but on a much larger scale. When one unit in your Chico, CA, apartment building reports a pest problem, avoiding the issue may cause an explosion in the pest population. The easiest way to prevent a multi-unit infestation includes a quick call to Western Termite Solutions Inc.

Our exterminators can inspect and treat your entire building, including each apartment unit. If caught early enough, we’ll focus on the unit that first reported the pest problem, treating it like ground zero in our extermination efforts. Apartment buildings benefit from monthly pest treatment as a means of prevention, and the visits also allow us to catch potential infestations before they grow.

Protecting Your Business

Chico, CA, businesses range from restaurants to office buildings, providing ample opportunities for infestations from different types of pests. When you contact Western Termite Solutions Inc for an exterminator in Chico, CA, our responding technician will perform an in-depth inspection of your entire facility. When we discover the source of your infestation, we’ll work our way throughout your building to ensure every inch receives treatment.

Each business receives customized care to meet all of your pest control needs. Considerations for your customized pest control include:

The size of your facility

The product or service provided

The amount and locations of bathrooms, kitchens, and break rooms

The types of pests discovered

The sources of pest control problems

Pest Infestation Prevention Methods in Chico, CA

Pest extermination can cost a pretty penny, take multiple rounds of treatment, and cause excessive stress for Chico, CA, home and business owners. Avoid these costly problems by indulging in pest prevention with Western Termite Solutions Inc We use various methods to keep your commercial and residential buildings safe from pest infestations in Chico, CA.

Specialized Chemical Treatments

Keeping pests at bay starts with the proper chemical treatment. Our extermination experts can help you determine which chemical treatment should apply to your building, from focusing on specific pests to general pest prevention. During chemical treatments, our technicians spray potential pest entry points, gathering areas, and the exterior and interior edges of your walls, doors, and windows.

Granular Treatments

Mice and cockroaches often suffer no or few ill effects from chemical treatments. In the case of these types of pests, we may use poisonous granules in gathering spots for elimination. Other pests, like ants or cockroaches, respond to granular treatments because they transport the poison back to the colony, effectively wiping out the source of your pest problems.

Why Choose Western Termite Solutions for Your Chico, CA, Home or Business

Western Termite Solutions knows the conditions in Chico, CA that contribute to residential and commercial pest problems. Our technicians come from your own backyard and possess extensive experience in pest elimination for homes, apartment buildings, and commercial buildings. Call (530) 534-1688 today for a free inspection and expert pest control in Chico, CA.